Why COVID-19 is probably not a respiratory disease — and what’s really going on

We’ve been looking at this through the wrong lens the whole time.

Male vs. female mortality rates

Across the world, health officials have noted that men both contract and succumb to COVID-19 at higher rates than women. The mortality rate of men compared to women is almost double — and from a data standpoint, there’s something to that.

Young people

Everyday, we see reports of young, healthy people with no underlying conditions succumbing to the disease. Meanwhile, others find out they already had COVID-19 and didn’t even know it. Why?

Pre-existing conditions

The pre-existing conditions that increase the odds that a person will have a more severe or fatal COVID-19 infection are blood based (or impact blood): diabetes, obesity, and hypertension.


In the early weeks of the pandemic, we often heard smoking was a risk factor for more severe COVID-19 symptoms. We hear less about that now.

Mortality rates of people on ventilators

Given that the symptoms of a severe COVID-19 infection include shortness of breath, it made sense that we looked to the respiratory system for answers (as well as smoking as a risk factor).

The road ahead

A blood-thickening, highly commutable virus sounds pretty grim, and, well, it is. Despite sounding like a plot line from a dystopian horror film, this could be good news.

Rejected stories and ‘called it’ receipts.

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